Casco Antiguo, Altea

 When David and Sara lost their jobs within a week of each other in March 2009, they took it as a sign and decided to leave New York City behind and set their sights on opportunities abroad. Spain beckoned, so, with 22 boxes and a cat in tow, they moved across the ocean that very summer.

Spain was great, but it wasn’t until they discovered Altea, a village along the Mediterranean, in September 2009 that they knew that that was where they belonged. It was love at first sight. The cobbled streets, the white houses, the labyrinth that made up the Casco Antiguo, the sweeping views of mountains and sea all made it a place that they felt sure was right for them. Needing no further convincing, Sara started searching for businesses for sale in Altea and thanks to luck, good timing, and certainly some help from destiny, she found that AlteArte® was for sale. In February 2010, they officially took over the cafe/bar, added their own touch and reopened for business on February 27th, 2010.

We see AlteArte® as a place for self-expression and have been pleased to have standup comedy, art exhibitions featuring local artists as well as students from the art university in Altea, and live music, ranging from Pop to Flamenco. We also organize weekly English and Spanish conversations groups, where locals can practice their English, and foreigners can practice their Spanish. 

For those who love to read, we have an AlteArte® Book Club where we read one featured book a month and then meet on the first Sunday of every month to discuss and share our thoughts together.

We encourage people to see AlteArte® as a place where they can come just to hang out, and we have strived to make AlteArte® as comfortable as possible with board games and the Wii at customers’ disposal. Finally, with a large projector, a large screen TV and a small monitor, easy viewing of football games will make any football fan happy. We are open to new ideas and hope that you will share your creativity with us.