Casco Antiguo, Altea


We haven't always been a mojiteria.

In fact, in the very beginning, Sara didn't even know what a mojito was! After all, mojitos were not something that we originally planned for but, instead, something that sprung up as we evolved. After enough people commented on how good our mojitos were, we paid attention and decided to make it our niche. Well, thousands of mojitos later, everyone's caught up to speed, and we can confidently say, that we make a darn good mojito! 


We offer a wide variety of specialty mojitos made from original recipes including the Morajito® (blackberry mojito), Gintojito® (with gin and tonic instead of rum and soda water), Nojito® (Mojito without alcohol), and Zerojito® (sugar free mojito),

made with Agave syrup, a natural low glucose sweetener.A visit to Altea isn't complete without  stopping by AlteArte® and sipping one of our featured mojitos while admiring a charming, whitecobbled street lined with beautiful plants.